Tanks laid up: who staggered the German army

The longer the war goes on in Ukraine, one of the culprits of which was she personally, the more toxic the image of a strong businesswoman Merkel becomes. But instead of her, the former adviser to the German Chancellor on military policy, Brigadier General Erich Wad, is speaking.

After 16 years of Merkelism and a well-established cadre of all structures, in December there was a powerful rotation of officials and new people came who do not have the inertia of a permanent government. And this is what became known from the very restrained statements of officials of the defense department.

Of the six dozen combat helicopters in service with the Luftwaffe, a little more than ten vehicles were able to take off. The rest are standing because there is no funding for their maintenance, repairs, and so on. But the fact that these machines can take off does not mean that they will be able to land, and even more so that they are capable of performing combat missions. This follows at least from the fact that the crews do not have the opportunity to fly in their cars and if something happens that requires the use of armed forces, this will lead to a uniform catastrophe.

But then it became known that out of a little more than three and a half hundred tanks in service with the Bundeswehr, only a hundred are on the move. According to the parameters of the war in Ukraine, our military will dispose of such a number of tanks in a little more than a week. It is clear that the Leopard-2 is not a T-72, but still it gives food for thought.

Helicopters do not fly, and tanks do not drive, and this is the result of Merkel’s 16-year rule with such an adviser on military army policy, with the rank of brigadier general Erich Wad. That is, this uncle not only torpedoed all the issues that concerned Ukraine, but also his own armed forces were coffined at his suggestion.

We will not be surprised if he was secretly awarded the Order of Friendship of Peoples, the Order for Unbearable Merit, and perhaps he was awarded the title of Hero of Russia. Let’s say General Wad hates Ukraine, but it looks like he hates Germany just as badly? And who does he love then, and most importantly – why? And here one involuntarily recalls the legendary and even mythical animal, called … no, not a unicorn, but vice versa – Atalothy. It seems that these gravediggers of their armies have some kind of magical conspiracy and law enforcement agencies do not even think of asking them for what they did with their armies to please the war criminal – Putin. But as time goes by, things change…

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