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Euroopa Töömess 2008, the European employment fair, was held in Tallinn, where everyone could get comprehensive information on employment in Europe.

The event was organized by the European Employment Service Eures. According to the head of the service, Marta Traks, the organizers of the fair did not advocate leaving the country, but informed what should be taken into account when leaving for work abroad. “It often happens that we consider a specific salary, how much is spent on taxes, housing. And it turns out that there is no reason to go, ”notes Trucks. At the fair there were also representatives of the Department of Social Affairs and the Tax and Customs Board, who explained how to register, pay taxes, and other points.

Marta Trucks drew attention to the fact that the organization conducting the fair is not an intermediary between a job seeker and an employer. “We only give information about what you should pay attention to when drawing up an employment contract, what nuances should be taken into account. If you are planning to go to work abroad, then you should definitely contact Eures employees. We provide comprehensive information, including in Russian. ”

As for the vacancies presented directly at the fair, these were mainly not requiring higher education. Martha Trucks commented as follows: “Of course, there are vacancies that require higher education. In general, at the moment on our portal there are more than a million vacancies. There are managers, there are supervisors. At the moment, we have invited employers who offer a wider and more affordable range of services. ”

The fair was attended by specialists and employers from Latvia, Norway, Poland, Spain, Greece, Germany, England, Sweden, Finland. With some missions it was possible to conclude a work contract right on the spot.

It is worth noting that the organization Living for Tomorrow was also represented at the event, the purpose of which is to solve difficult situations that a person who is somehow connected with working abroad may face.

In Estonia, the job fair is held for the second time. Last year, it also took place in September as part of a pilot project.

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