Mini Miss Europe 2008

8-year-old Aiza Saifullina is now a titled schoolgirl. At the European Little Miss Europe 2008 festival in Antalya, she became the best of 20 participants and won the main prize – the title of “Mini Miss Europe”.

Aiza conquered the jury with the Flamenco gymnastic study, in which choreography and gymnastics were harmoniously mixed. And the second-grader in perfect English managed to tell about our city and about herself. And she answered all the questions of the jury about the sights of Kazan.

“We all made friends at the contest,” Isa smiles. – We spoke with some in Russian, and with those who did not understand – with gestures. Even if it weren’t me who won, I would still be happy for the one that won, ”she explained childishly.

“I am always worried about the children who represent our republic for the first time at such major competitions,” says Izolda Sakharova, president of the Miss Tatarstan public organization, who prepared the girl for the competition. – Our little beauties almost always come from such contests with victories, they have already raised a certain level, below which I do not want to go down. And it’s very cool when they also raise it higher.
Aise was presented with a gold necklace for winning the competition. A precious souvenir is the first in the life of an eight-year-old girl, but Isa is not in a hurry to brag about her gift to her friends. Shy.

By the way, only girls congratulated Aizu at school and asked for an autograph. For some reason, the boys began to tug on her pigtails more and put down the steps. Apparently, they express their great sympathy.

“I want to become an actress and gymnastics coach,” the beauty dreams.

Why not. With her data, we are sure that she will also become an Olympic champion!

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