Eurovision Dance Contest 2008

Poland have won the Eurovision Dance Contest 2008. Marcin Mroczek and Edyta Herbus danced a fusion of Rumba and Cha-Cha with a Modern Jazz Dance flavour. Let us know what you think.

Dance “Eurovision”: “Finicky horses” brought ours to the “silver”! The duet of Tatyana Navka and Alexander Litvinenko took second place, “overcoming the unfavorable judges.”

On Saturday in Glasgow, Scotland, the Eurovision Dance Contest was held. Their couples, consisting of a professional and an amateur, were sent to the competition by 14 European countries. Russia was represented by dancer Alexander Litvinenko and Olympic champion Tatyana Navka.

If you think that Tatyana with her experience in ice dancing was simple, you are deeply mistaken. The skater had to break more than one heel in order to learn how to dance on them.

“It seems like a difference – you just need to go out and dance,” Tatyana said before the performance. – But in reality this is a completely different technique, all on toes, closest to ballet, probably.

Tatyana trained for a month and a half to pain in her legs, to cramps in her feet.

In Glasgow, our couple performed at number 10. To the music of Vladimir Vysotsky, Tatyana and Alexander danced so sensually and passionately that the audience ran goosebumps.

However, professional judges did not give us a very high score – only 42 out of 48 possible. And when the chairman of the jury, the representative of Singapore, arranged pairs with the same number of points in places, we got only sixth.

But finally everything was determined by the audience voting. Here it was difficult for us to hope for high marks, because at Eurovision they mainly vote for the neighboring countries. And there were few of our traditional friend countries at the contest.

However, all the pairs that the professional jury noted as the best moved to the middle of the tournament table. And the Polish duet of actor Marcin Mroczek and professional dancer Edith Herbush broke into first place by a wide margin. The Russian couple rose to the second step. Azerbaijan gave us eight points, 10 – Lithuania, and 12 – Ukraine. The last assessment and decided everything. Thanks to the friendly vote of Ukrainian viewers, a couple of Tatyana Navka and Alexander Litvinenko, ironically, ousted from the second place just the Ukrainian duet of gymnast Lilia Podkopaeva and dancer Sergei Kostetsky.

Couple from Poland The winners of the competition – a Polish couple – at first, the jury determined already in sixth place. However, the final result is traditionally determined by viewers who vote using phone calls and SMS messages.

Couple from Russia Navka and Litvinenko fought for “gold”, but became only the second. Tatyana Navka and Alexander Litvinenko won the silver medal at the Eurovision Dance Contest.

Couple from Ukraine Sergei Kostetsky and Olympic champion Lilia Podkopaeva lagged behind Russia by only 2 points and won the “bronze”.

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