Daria Zhukova as a new russian art

Life at the intersection of big money, big art and scandalous fame is the most popular art form in the world today

A girl from Russia, who has long been living in London, having her own home in the prestigious Kensington area (Daria’s father is a Russian businessman, was the head of the English representative office of the Sintez oil company), she grew up among wealth long before she met Roman Abramovich. The British publication First Post characterizes her lifestyle as “partying around the world.” And Vogue magazine describes Zhukova’s career as swift: the girl is studying homeopathy at London Medical College and at the same time comes up with clothes. For people like her, the question “even more money” is important, of course, but unprincipled: wealth already exists. And because of that – calm on the face: again, this nervous, yawning look of Russian beauties – how to sell yourself more expensive. For this, I might have loved her. Silently, silently. This is privacy, personal life.

Daria Zhukova is formed by the London cultural environment. It can be assumed that the model of the super-successful museum is represented as follows: a cafe, a fashionable restaurant, a bookstore, a huge exhibition space such as Turbine Hall, where once every three months one or several multi-meter installation is shown. The main adviser to Dasha Zhukova is Molly Dent-Brocklehurst, a former director of the Gagosian Gallery in London. This may mean that the “Garage” will turn into a platform where this influential gallery will once again “roll” its artists, being something like a branch of the London White Cube gallery. The following exhibition is also known: works from the world famous collection of Francois Pinault.

Abramovich arrived at the opening of the Garage: he sat modestly in the hall, in the eighth row, while Daria presented Kabakov’s exhibition on stage. To paraphrase a famous joke, “I don’t know who is in the front row, but in the eighth – Abramovich.”

Zhukova is attractive both for her efficiency, and responsibility, and lack of solitude. No, again, on her face there is an imprint of “payment” for her current position: she owes nothing to anyone by and large; therefore, it is free and unbiased to a greater extent than 99 percent of the Russian art elite, which owe everything to acquaintance with the oligarchs. It’s mean, low, I’m speaking about this, but it’s like this: Russian artists are dependent on money not only physically, so to speak, but also with my soul. Ask them about money – they immediately change in the face, become oily, tears of tenderness flow.

Zhukova has a completely different outlook on life, and this is evident. At the same time, she is well aware of HOW they treat her in Russia (exclusively as a friend of the very One), and therefore she behaves underlined with restraint: she sincerely wants to do something useful, something elegant for her homeland. There is nothing from the Russian nobility of the 90s in it, there is not even a reflection of the golden chains of the 90s of her father’s generation: everything is strict and tasteful.

Zhukova doesn’t smile specifically like our divas, why their smiles turn into wrinkles so quickly — she smiles sincerely, like a girl of 23 years old who has no evil at this world, which no one has offended in this world and no one has freedom not attempted.

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