The British predict the entry of Ukraine into the EU after 2020

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Ukraine, Moldova or Belarus are unlikely to join the European Union until 2020. Such a forecast is contained in a study by the London Center for European Reforms.

Ukraine, the authors of the study believe, could become a serious contender for membership if it makes an effort. Researchers tried to develop a series of tips on how the EU can improve its role in the world, in particular, constructively interact with other global players – even undemocratic ones, clearly giving priority to relations with the United States.

The EU should also continue to expand, accepting countries, most of the Islamic world, into its ranks. In addition, the study says, the EU should offer Russia’s cooperation to ensure changes in Belarus, stability and unity in Ukraine and the resolution of frozen conflicts in Transnistria and the Caucasus.

At the same time, the authors of the study note, Russian hostility to Western intervention in these regions, which from time to time borders on paranoia, is unlikely to make it possible to easily establish a relationship of trust.

Therefore, the European Union, researchers believe, it is worth respecting Russian sensitivity, especially in Ukraine, which played a central role in Russian history, cultural identity, and is still closely connected with the Russian economy.

Recall that in mid-2007, Ukraine and the European Union signed an agreement on visa facilitation and a readmission agreement, and on November 29, the EU Council of Ministers approved Ukraine-EU agreements on visa facilitation.

On December 11-12, during a special meeting of the working group, Ukraine agreed on the provisions of the new basic agreement with the EU, however, a week later, on December 21, the newly appointed Foreign Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Ogryzko stated that the main priority in his ministry’s work was to prepare a new strengthened agreement between Ukraine and EU

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