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What do Russians buy in Europe?

Russians, especially middle-class people, increasingly prefer foreign real estate. In resort places, more often than not some millionaires began to buy, but managers of reputable companies, middle-level entrepreneurs.

The greatest demand is for objects whose price ranges from 70 – 160 thousand euros. Some manage to buy for much less money.

Now Russians are buying more real estate, for living themselves or making a profit from it for renting is permissible.

The most popular countries for buying real estate among Russians: France, Italy, Spain and Cyprus. Also worth noting are Bulgaria, Montenegro and Slovakia.

It is difficult to say which property they are buying right away.

It all depends on which country the purchase is made. For example, in the UK very often they purchase country houses, small apartments, and one cannot say for sure what is most popular. Montenegro and Bulgaria offer economy class housing.
Luxury real estate prices start at a million euros, but there is no limit. economy class housing can be bought for 50-60 thousand euros.

For 30-50 thousand euros you can buy 3-4 – room apartment in the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Montenegro. For 100 thousand euros you can buy a 2-3 – room apartment in Italy, Croatia, Spain and Cyprus. For 200-300 thousand, you can take a townhouse in Cyprus, in Spain, a villa in Turkey.

In Spain, Croatia, Italy, Montenegro and Cyprus, you can buy a villa for half a million euros and above. In the UK, prices are much more expensive. The average price per square meter is 10-12 thousand pounds, and an apartment costs 2.5-10 million pounds.

So, if you have enough money to buy this or that type of housing, you have a wide enough choice for profitable investments of your funds.

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