The energy reform project they want to correct

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Seeking a compromise around the European Commission’s plan to reform the European energy market: at a meeting of EU energy ministers, a number of countries confirmed that they would not support Brussels’s plan in its current form, requiring serious modifications.

The draft energy market reform directive was published by the European Commission in September. Brussels proposed isolating distribution networks from European gas and electricity companies and prohibiting them from being sold to foreigners if they did not do the same with their assets.

According to Brussels, this will protect European consumers from price arbitrariness.

At least nine EU countries are opposed to the unconditional adoption of the reform project, believing that the division of companies will impede the flow of investment in the sector, which in the end will still hit consumers.

Germany promised to soon publish its own alternative plan.

In the meantime, the European Commission relies only on the support of the UK, Sweden and Spain., 03.12.07

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